Choosing the best school for your child can be tricky at times and it takes a little research to get the core information you’re looking for. Be mindful that checking school websites and talking to faculty and staff is not enough. It’s always important to do your homework and plan carefully. If you are looking […]

The city of Jersey City is rich in the arts. It is home to many artists and talents who contribute to the urban sophistication that exists in the area. If you decide to visit, the downtown scene contains several main-attractions from the Liberty State Park, ferry rides to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the waterfront landmark Colgate […]

Proximity to New York City is a plus when considering where to live, especially if you work in the Big Apple. If so, Jersey City has plenty of options for you! One of the city’s perks, besides the scenic downtown view overlooking the NYC Skyline, is its many alternatives for commuters to and from New […]

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